Reading Difficulty Explained

Bright children often end up guessing words instead of reading them, just because of the way early reader books are designed.

Learn why and how you can fix it quickly. It will change your child’s life.

The truth is that lots of bright children get into reading and spelling difficulties quite unnecessarily. It is because of the way early reader books are designed. I know that partly because I was one of them and so were my two boys! You can read my backstory here. I had a tough time with reading, just like your child is now.

In our view, publishers have been selling the wrong books to our schools for decades. Those conventional early reader books encourage our children into bad habits, and those bad habits can lead to years of difficulty.

Why conventional early reader books are SO bad

Like most parents I absolutely hated the early reader books my children were supposed to read to me. They were a form of torture for both of us! But worse still… they were leading my sons down a dangerous path.

These books repeat the same small vocabulary of words, again and again. Bright, visual children just use their good sight memory to recall the words visually, as single graphic objects. Sometimes they can also recite the whole book after one reading.

That gives the appearance of quick progress, but clearly it is not reading! Text is a code for the sounds in each word. To read any word, you have to crack the code.

A guaranteed solution in days

If you have a child really struggling to read, it can be very hard to know what to do. Often your school will say “do more reading”, but you are seeing more and more resistance to any reading practice.

So now you search online and there are literally hundreds of solutions being offered, at anything from free to thousands per week. They all promise amazing results. What are you supposed to do?

If only you could find a reading system that:

  1. Has short, fun lessons
  2. Offers a free trial
  3. Unconditionally guarantees a clear breakthrough

Then the decision would be easy!

Well, that is what we do.

We are pretty sure you will be pleased by our free trial and we are even more confident that we will get a great result together. That is how we can offer that guarantee.

Our mission is success for every child. If you want to help your child flourish without you having to take a financial risk, this is the solution for you.

What to expect from us

Once we rebuild the way your child is reading, confidence will begin to build in days.

In fact, we sometimes see a child shoot ahead in just our ten-lesson free trial! It normally takes a bit longer than that, but we unconditionally guarantee that you will see a breakthrough in reading accuracy and confidence within 90 sessions. The average is around 60 sessions to see a surge of confidence and accuracy.

It is always a great moment! You can see some of the comments parents have made here. I get excited too, every time!

The dreaded Reading Plateau

When these sight-reading children graduate to longer books, their technique gets harder and harder to use. So you will then find your child is stuck on a reading plateau, falling behind month by month.

They become baffled by how some of their friends are progressing when they are only finding it more difficult. It is like being becalmed while the boats around you are surging ahead.

Sometimes their confidence then starts to crumble. It is heartbreaking to see a child with masses of potential calling themselves “dumb”.

Are you seeing guessing?

The key symptom of a child who’s learned to read the wrong way is the consistent guessing of short, easy words. If your child guesses short words, check out our description of what we call optilexia. We have worked with thousands and thousands of children showing that pattern and we routinely get all of them reading confidently in quite a short time.

You can also read the story of James to see if it resonates with you.

These problems do not fix themselves

The evidence is that a child who is struggling at the age of 9 is likely to continue to struggle with reading and writing throughout their school career. The line “it will come with time” is usually not true. Also, the focus at school soon switches from learning to read towards reading to learn. At that point a child who is struggling to read will be unable to follow the curriculum. At that point every subject starts to become a nightmare.

Just doing more and more of the same type of reading practice will not suddenly deliver the solution. You have to try something different.

What we do differently

We have done over ten years of research and development on a new approach, which works with the natural strengths of your child’s mind, to make progress 4x faster or more.

We call it “trainertext visual phonics”, or TVP. We give a full description of how TVP works here. We have found that it is neurologically the right way to teach phonic decoding. By combining our unique trainertext system with 21st century technology, we make learning to read easy, fun, and entertaining.

TVP works with your child and almost hides all the learning taking place. Most children ask to do the lesson each day, because it is fun.

More fun and less stress

Helping your child learn to read should be fun and it can be. You may have experienced some tough times together doing reading practice. It often turns into a daily grind for both parent and child.

On our lessons you will start to see that stress dropping away from Day 1. The lessons are just 15 minutes long and we use a lot of games to help with the learning process.

A regular comment from parents is that “the lessons seem too easy” They are designed to seem easy, because building confidence is an important part of the process. Learning does not have to be a grind.

A team of real people, offering real support

Parents often tell us they’re surprised by just how much support they get in the system.

From the start of your first lesson, our team of trained reading specialists are available to support you. You don’t have to do this alone.

We know how important it is to get reading right and we will do whatever it takes to get this right for your child. While it is often a simple journey, we are actually monitoring many different ways reading can be made more difficult. That is why our support can make a critical difference.

We regularly review how things are going, and offer training and guidance for each parent throughout the process.  Our support comes in different forms:

  • Online video training
  • Phone interviews (roughly monthly)
  • Regular messaging support
  • Routine checks of the data at this end
  • Lessons with one of the team over Skype

Free Trial

All our resources are online and you can access our lessons from any computer connected to the Internet. You just log on for a fifteen-minute daily lesson to see the magic happen.

We want every parent and child to be sure they like our system, before spending a penny on it with us. So you can sign up for ten free lessons, with our full support system and three prizes for your child:

What other people say

Check out the reviews and academic research done on our TVP process. The outcomes seen in the RCT trial done in London are unlike anything you will find elsewhere.

You can read the Story of James, which encapsulates the normal journey we see, from struggling reader to full confidence.

Here are a few case studies too, which might resonate for you:

Rusty’s parents tried everything before Easyread…

Sapphi goes from struggling to reading Roald Dahl

Ian’s attention difficulties prove no barrier to reading

Unsure? Questions or worries?

We want to make this a no-brainer decision, because your child needs help and there is no financial risk for you. If you have any questions at all… just get in touch. We are happy to chat on the phone or swap some messages to answer your questions: