Sapphi was struggling at school because she just didn’t get on with the traditional method of teaching phonics at all. From a struggling 5 year-old who took great pains to sound out every word on a page, only to forget the word on the next page, to reading (and enjoying!) books aimed at a reader way above her age, we think this is the absolute best result for Sapphi.

She loved all the prizes and has really enjoyed playing the games, especially Letter Quest (which initially she was reluctant to do!) and Gloop.

Her favourite book has been the World’s Weirdest Animals – although the vocabulary in it is really tricky, I am flabbergasted at how well she is decoding the words – just goes to show she can do anything when she is motivated enough!

I could easily have stopped the programme months ago as she was already reading well by then, but I let her continue as she has enjoyed it so much and I think the helicopter is a good goal to aim for.

Now she is above where she needs to be in her class and at home she is reading a range of books from Roald Dahl (her favourite) to Enid Blyton and Harry Potter.

I would thoroughly recommend Easyread to anyone who has a child struggling to learn with phonics. Thank you again, above all Easyread took away the stress from learning to read! It has made such a huge difference to her confidence and has made the whole process fun.