Reading much more now

We’d just like to say that J’s confidence when reading has improved greatly, especially now that he is so far through the Easyread programme and he is reading (much) more at home these days. He will be presented with his gold certificate in our sharing...

Thanks from a 58 year old

Dear David Thank you for all your help with my reading. I feel that I am improving every day. The course is very enjoyable, and I really liked the prizes even though I am now 58!!!! Heck. Thank you .

Good news!

Agent H is decoding the words using the picture/rhyme and enjoying the programme and random games. He has moved up in reading levels in class and gaining confidence.

He is so excited!

Hi Sarah, Thank you for your response it is greatly appreciated. Have looked and tried the message tool today – had J with me and he started to type a sentence on the message tool all by himself, I had to take a business call and I came back and he had typed a...