Thank you!

My reading has improved a lot and Easyread has helped me have more confidence, not just with my reading. Thank you all for helping me to read. I am really sad that the course is over! – Agent J

Feedback at 8 weeks

I was very unsure with easy read when we started as I was not sure if my son really needed help and if easy read would be the right thing for him. Before we started with easy read, he would refuse to read, half way through the book throw it away and reading was a...

Moved up a whole year!

In May, J had a spelling age test which gave him a spelling age of a 7 year old and he has just been tested again and his spelling age has moved up by a whole year! – C (after 85 lessons on Spellmagic with J, age 9)    

Famous Dyslexics: Anthony Hopkins

Sir Anthony Hopkins is an award-winning actor, composer and pianist who has enjoyed a long and illustrious career. And he has dyslexia. He was born Philip Anthony Hopkins in Wales, but his grandfather called him George and his Dad called him Charlie – and his stage...