I like it very much

Dear David — Thank you for the program. I like it very much. My favorite part is the spell race and getting the presents. I think I have gotten much better with my reading and spelling.

Best program ever!

This has been the best program ever. I have seen her go from barely knowing the words to blazing through them. She is a great reader and the spelling is just as awesome. Sydnee is a great student and she put in the work to get wonderful results. We are all very very...

Improved in all aspects of her thinking

Chloe has improved in all aspects of her thinking due to this program. She now thinks through things a lot more before acting resulting in a better experience for her at school and at home. We thank you for helping her improve herself.

Famous Dyslexics: Third man on the moon, Pete Conrad

NASA astronaut Pete Conrad was the third man to walk on the moon. He was known as a guy who could fix anything… but he flunked out of high school because of his dyslexia. Conrad grew up in Pennsylvania and struggled with his schoolwork from a young age. In 11th...