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Summa Cum Laude!

My daughter graduated high school Summa Cum Laude! She learned to read with your program. She had many, many, excellent teachers, administrators, and support staff, but it was your program that made the difference! J

Transformative for him

My son has done over 150 sessions and had made great progress in his reading as a result of this programme, to the point where we feel that he reads and writes fluently. Thank you as this programme has been transformative for him. A

Reading is no longer a chore

It has been a fantastic system, and has made Rose jump forward hugely with her reading to the extent that it is no longer a chore, but enjoyable. I would love you to pass my thanks on to David Morgan and your whole team for a brilliant scheme, which has been hugely...

An absolute godsend

I also wanted to share feedback that this program is an absolute godsend. Ellie is reading actual books on her own, and in her free time! She used to read Elephant & Piggie books to our dog, Waffles, but now she’s reading more advanced books on her own by...

Immensely helped my daughter

Thank you for this course as it has immensely helped my daughter, Laiklyn, with her reading and spelling. She loved the games and decoding the letters from the characters. I am very pleased with her outcome to retrain her brain. I have definitely seen an improvement...