Before DM Reading, teenage twin boys Greyson and Taylor’s reading had plateaued. Their parents noticed it initially in their end of year homeschool testing, particularly in the comprehension sections. When doing schoolwork, their mom noticed that though they appeared to be reading ok, their understanding of what they had read didn’t match up. And spelling was a major struggle.

Through DM Reading, they discovered the missing link causing both of these issues. The boys were reading from context, rather than decoding, which affected both comprehension and spelling ability. The daily lessons taught them to slow down and decode each word, rather than guess. The rhyming and nonsense words exercises within the lessons proved how weak their decoding skills really were, though that strengthened over time on the course and by the end they could both read nonsense words with ease. Very exciting!

Another major component was the eye-strengthening exercise the team prescribed; it helped tremendously, and had an immediate effect on their reading.

Since DM Reading, Greyson and Taylor have seen signficant improvements. Their mother has noticed that their comprehension has clearly progressed – they now understand what they read! And their ability to communicate answers to questions, both orally and written, has improved. Learning new spelling words is easier now as well. When they come across a long and difficult word in reading, they have the confidence to tackle it instead of guess or rush through it.

Their mom says: “As a parent, I learned a lot from you about how students struggle with reading and what to do about it. Thank you for the online seminars/workshops that you offer parents. Also, I greatly appreciated the emails and phone calls from your staff. The boys enjoyed all the prizes you sent our way and especially the helicopter at the end. They are loving it!”