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  • 3 pounds Observation
  • 2 cups of Creativity
  • 2 cups of Critical Thinking
  • 4 containers of Questions


  • 1 small Scoop
  • Imagination-covered Chopping Board
  • Medium Glass Bowl


Start by measuring out a chunk of time for observation. The chunk of observation can include a wide variety of topics as long as they are mixed well.

Begin to knead the observation chunk.

The more you knead the observation chunk, you will notice specific topics make their way to the outer edges of the chunk and become more recognizable.

Using a small scoop, place small mounds of these specific topics on a covered chopping board.496

In the glass bowl, blend together creativity and critical thinking.

Working with one mound of specific ideas at a time, add a pinch of the creativity and critical thinking mix. Depending on need and desired taste, more of the C and C mix may be sprinkled on at any time.

At this time, please use the brainstorming wafer to flatten out the idea mound. If any of the mounds fall apart at this stage, you may slide the broken pieces off the chopping block at this time. Save the pieces since they could be needed at a later time.

Wrap a layer of questions, thick or thin depending upon need, around each flattened mound. Some combinations will need to sit for a while before they can be formed while other combinations will go together easily and seem to magically form right in front of your eyes.

When these combinations have been formed, please wrap nicely and share them with others…

These Wondering combinations are made to be shared…

And may lead to the creation of new combinations …

You never know what will happen …

me smootMelissa Edwards can be found at her blog, Figuring Out How the Pieces Fit or on Twitter at @mwedwards