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I asked Izzy what she’d like to email to you, David, and she just said that she can read now and so Easyread was worthwhile doing and she’s pleased she can read. Sorry, my daughter is a lady of few words, especially when she has friends waiting at the door to play!

We would like to add though how amazed we are at the Easyread System. This time last year my husband and I were dreadfully concerned about Izzy’s reading ability. We sit here today without a worry in the world about her reading and it’s such a huge relief. She can read books that are appropriate to her age-level now, and has gone from really struggling to read level ORT 2/3 to flying through books at level 14 in the space of just one year. This is a huge achievement for her. I do remember her being sad this time last year because her friends were reading interesting books at stage 11/12 and to think that she’s caught them up in this short space of time, I think, is truly remarkable.

She’s beginning to take a small interest in her Kobo, so we think she’s on the way to choosing to read, rather than it being a homework task. We’re incredibly proud of her and very thankful to your system!

Now to tackle that spelling!!! It’s very definitely improving, slowly, but I think that being able to read will help with remembering how a word is spelt! We shall see…

Best wishes,