When a child reaches the point where their confidence has been boosted with the use of the programme, and they have started picturing the Easyread characters above words when they are not there, they may feel they’re ready to start reading a book outside of the programme.

Isabelle found that The Treehouse Books were the perfect series to help ignite a passion for the world of words.


Her mum tells us below why she recommends the series by Andy Griffiths:

“When Isabelle started reading the books it took her a few days to read one but the last book of the series only took her half a day. She read these books by herself which really boosted her confidence and she finally understood that she had the ability to read for pleasure and not with me and/or as a lesson. We love this series of books and it was perfect to read when she was doing the Easyread program – both of these increased her love of reading.”

If your child has really enjoyed reading a book outside of the programme, we’re always on the lookout for peer-recommended books! Do get in touch so we can share their review with all our budding readers.

– Maddie