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Breakthrough Reader of February 2017

by Sarah Forrest || 22 Feb 2017

Addison came to DM Reading having struggled for 4 years in school with learning to read. At age 8, she was diagnosed with a vision issue and was prescribed strong glasses… which explained quite a bit of her confusion during the early years. But at that age, her confidence was at zero, which made re-learning reading and spelling a stressful challenge. She confused b/d, sounded out a word correctly but then pronounced a completely different word, and struggled to read basic instructions for things like math problems. She would often figure out a word in one sentence, and then fail to recognize it in the very next sentence. The whole process was becoming a massive frustration.

Her mother discovered Easyread online, and during the first few lessons Addison’s confidence started to grow. A short two months later, we received a glowing report from her mom. After just 60 lessons, Addison was approaching grade level in reading for the first time ever. She was even volunteering to read in class, which was a huge surprise to everyone! She no longer panicked when struggling with a word; she started reading books on her own – even signs on the road when out in the car. Perhaps one of the most meaningful changes was in her self-esteem. Both her parents noticed a tremendous confidence boost, with her mother telling us recently: “her dad and I are completely blown away by it!”

We love watching Addison’s progress. She’s still going strong on the lessons… and we can’t wait to see how she’ll be flying with her reading over the next weeks and months!