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Breakthrough Reader of January 2017

by Sarah Forrest || 8 Feb 2017

Laurie started the program in the bottom of his class for reading, having failed his Year 1 phonics test twice. Despite enjoying a bedtime story every night for years, he was easily frustrated when trying to read on his own. He was beginning to struggle with low confidence and self-esteem around school work.

By Lesson 90, things were looking very different for Laurie. He began to progress leaps and bounds – sometimes every week felt like a step forward! His decoding, blending, and reading speed had all improved. After the support team pinpointed Laurie’s eye-tracking weakness, he significantly improved his tracking through the prescribed exercises. This not only contributed to his reading improvement, but will help in all of his schoolwork.

We are so proud of everything Laurie has accomplished so far. And we can’t wait to see how much more he improves in the coming months!