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Breakthrough Readers of November

Sarah Forrest || 24 Jan 2017

November was a brilliant month of breakthroughs for children on DM Reading.


Before DM Reading, Liam was tested in Year 4 as having a reading age of Year 2. He has visual memory skills, but low auditory memory skills. He had just received a D in school for reading, and it was starting to affect his self confidence. His parents hired a tutor and read with him every day. Improvements, however, were slow.

At Lesson 90, we heard the following update:

“I have been in contact with Liam’s teacher and she has noticed a difference in Liam’s reading, especially comprehension. Liam is even participating in discussions about books! He is very proud of himself.


Before DM Reading, Adam could reading short words correctly one day, but not on the next day… almost as if he had never seen them. He could use context clues to figure out a story, but individual words out of context flummoxed him. His parents tried a blue overlay, which stopped the words from jumping but wasn’t the entire answer.

We heard an update from his mother that things are now going really well! His eye-tracking and blending have improved, he’s started to read some words fluently, and is now decoding words outside of the program. Fantastic!


Before DM Reading, Amelia couldn’t seem to hear the sounds in words when trying to spell, so her own writing was very difficult to decipher. She was below average in reading as well but was willing to work hard to make progress.

At Lesson 60, we heard the following:

“We had parents evening last night and I was pleased to see in Amelia’s books and hear from her teacher that there have been improvements in her spelling and ability to self-correct – already! Thank you, thank you, and thank you! I have been talking about the programme in school and will continue to do so as Amelia progresses further.”