Sophie joined Easyread as a seven year-old, resistant to reading and with significant troubles in remembering spellings once the weekly school spelling test was done and dusted. As a result, she was becoming increasingly resistant to reading.

Now, a year later, Sophie graduates the programme with a renewed sense of confidence and love for learning all subjects. She is becoming less shy and more confident every day, and is better able to advocate for herself in the classroom.

We’ll let Sophie’s mum, Sandy, tell you more…


“Here’s Sophie, curled up in a favourite chair and READING! It is a sight every mom loves to see! ❤️”

What was reading like for Sophie before Easyread?

Sophie guessed at words, and often the guesses were not at all related to the word she was trying to read. Reading (or trying to) was very stressful and she began to avoid it. She, however, does not really remember this. It was a year ago – much has happened since then!

How did Sophie feel when she first started Easyread?

Initially Sophie was a bit apprehensive. She quickly adapted to the rhythm of doing a lesson every day. She loved the positive feedback. Within days her attitude towards reading changed, and our family noticed. Her older siblings really remember this; Sophie, however, doesn’t remember!

What were her favourite parts of the lessons?

The Spotter and Fighter Pilot games; Spelldrive; reading books with great photos (Wacky Weather; Wierd Animals). Prizes – especially from her mom (I added to her stuffed animal collection; but the end results were worth it!)

And the least favourite parts?

Spell Race. Spelling is still a bit hard for Soph. Her memory has improved, and spelling is getting better, but it is not her favorite thing.

Do you remember when you first started to notice things changing?

Within days/a few weeks, Sophie’s attitude towards reading changed. She did not avoid doing the lessons the way she used to avoid reading a book. Within two months we noticed a significant shift in her ability to read words without crazy guessing. After this change continued gradually.

What is Sophie reading now?

Books she is reading now: Thea Stilton or Geronimo Stilton, Katie Kazoo; some other books that are a Grade 2 level. She is in Grade 3, but she enjoys an easier read now and then! She is able to decode words she does not know and can read above grade level, although not as easily. We still have some work to do.

What has Easyread meant for you both?

What has Easyread meant for us? For Sophie – it taught her to read and to enjoy the process of reading! She is not articulating that herself right now, but she is dealing with a bit of program-fatigue. I think if I asked her this at a different time, her response would be more positive. She did enjoy the program overall.

For myself, Easyread helped me realize the importance of positive feedback and to provide it much more liberally than I had previously. I also learned the value of prizes – Sophie got prizes from me in addition to those you sent (I know, I know, that is a lot of prizes) but IT WORKED. Knowing we could go shopping together and she could choose a small toy was the biggest motivator for Sophie, and I am still using this scheme as we work through CAPDOTS [Central Auditory Processing Disorder Online Therapy System]. Everything gets a bit easier with a reward!

Seeing the response Sophie had to Easyread has also motivated me to persevere with the other therapies that are ahead for Sophie. She does indeed have a mild learning disorder, and there will be work to do in the months and years ahead. I see her making progress and catching up quickly – this gives me great hope.