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One of the many ways one can be a “better” person is to be kind and thoughtful of others. Few people would disagree with the suggestion that empathy is a good thing.

Here is an interesting study suggesting that music improves your empathy:

I personally think music should be a required element of our education, like English and Maths, but I have never thought of it in this way.

Are they right? Quite possibly, but one always has to be aware of the source of any research, especially when measuring very qualitative outcomes like increased empathy. In this case the study was done by the centre for science and music, so I would like to see the results confirmed by a less partisan set of scientists!

What do you think is the value of music instruction in our educational system?


David Morgan is CEO of Oxford Learning Solutions, publisher of the Easyread System. Easyread is an online course that helps children with dyslexia, auditory processing disorder, and highly visual learning styles improve their reading and spelling through short daily lessons. Find out more at or on Facebook at