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Gluehlampe_01_KMJThomas Edison (1847-1931) was an American inventor responsible for many of our modern electrical devices, including the phonograph for amplifying sound, the motion picture camera, the light bulb, the stock ticker, a mechanical vote recorder, and a battery for an electric car. To say he was prolific would be an understatement!


The term ‘dyslexia’ did not exist when Edison was a child, but many have suspected that he must have been dyslexic. His teachers called him “addled”, but he had superior visual-spatial abilities that enabled him to be a skilled engineer later in life. He was eventually pulled out of school due to his difficulties and home-educated by his mother. Like many diagnosed dyslexics, he had recurrent ear infections as a child which would have interfered with early literacy tasks.

The light bulb is perhaps his most well-known invention, developed in 1879, when it remained lit for 13.5 hours – a world record! Later he tweaked the invention to the point where it could last over 1200 hours.

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