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Whilst its early days yet I think Sebastian is developing more of a ‘Can Do’ approach to reading. As regards the Easyread story he he is much more fluent, when the words are there he can read fluently so we do not tend to re read, but I do make him do this for normal reading. The hardest bit (and therefore the least enjoyable) for Sebastian is the reading without the letters and just the pictures, but he often gets the words before I do! I know this is trying to ensure he is decoding and not guessing, which he will still revert to when he is tired, however this is more of an issue with normal reading rather than Easyread.

He enjoys the games particularly Letter Quest and the Fighter Pilot. We have got into a routine of doing Easyread just after breakfast and most of the time he is happy to do it! Outside of Easyread both my husband and I have noticed that he is starting to pick up (factual) books by himself and read/look at them, even telling his younger brother something about the book – so it is all heading in the right direction.

So in summary it is early days yet but there are some encouraging signs and I think your system does make it more fun than ‘normal’ reading, so that they learn/reinforce without realising.

– S