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Here at Oxford Learning Solutions HQ, we are often asked about what other reading and spelling work we’d recommend to use alongside the programme in a homeschool environment.

So we thought we’d have a chat with some of the homeshooling parents who are currently using our programme alongside other methods and curriculum, and see what tips and tricks they have to share with you.

Tanya, a homeschooling mum from the USA, uses Easyread with her two twin boys alongside their language arts school programme.


Easyread is part of Tanya and her boys’ daily homeschool routine


“We are a homeschool family that uses Easyread on a daily basis for two of our children.

I’m trying hard to find adjectives other than “easy,” but that’s what it is.

We are continuing on with the language arts program we were already using and it was no problem to add Easyread to our routine. Fifteen minutes per student is very “doable.”

I am very appreciative of the Easyread staff who tell me what’s reasonable and when I can expect to see improvement. For example, the program teaches that spelling will be addressed later on once the foundation of reading has been laid. So in light of that, we’re continuing through the spelling lists in our curriculum, but not stressing out about it at all.

Typically, this is the time of year when I’d be shopping (yet again) for a new spelling curriculum.

Not this year.

It’s been exciting to see all the testimonials on the blog and I’m looking forward to seeing how my boys progress.”

If you use the Easyread programme alongside your homeschooling curriculum then do get in touch to share your stories with our other homeschool parents.