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We are indeed very pleased with Paul’s progress, (as are his tutors), we have seen a real leap in his skills and confidence.
However, Paul is educated outside of the school system ,as we were frankly dismayed at what was on offer in our area for those who did not take the 11 plus.
I would like to suggest  that if your company has not already been in touch with Education Otherwise , ( a national Charity supporting home education) it may be good to do so. They do endorse and support a number of initiatives, some of which have to be sourced from non UK providers, due to a lack of development here.
This group is often an untapped resource and many of the children (but by no means all), are educated otherwise because they have specific learning needs that schools just do not have the skills or inclination to address on an individual level.
We have recently included the use of Easy Read in our equivalent of an Ofsted Inspection, and our home education special needs co-ordinator was very impressed.
Our son is returning to an independent school environment next year where there will be good provision for dyslexia, and we know that Easy Read will help him on his way, in the mean time.
Kind Regards Yve