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chrome_web_store_logoWe’re living in the Age of the Apps. Whether you have a smartphone, tablet or regular ‘ol computer, thousands of apps are available to you — and most of the time, for free.

Google’s browser, Chrome, has an app store full of educational games and programs free to download. They range from the popular Duolingo (a foreign language learning app) to Surgery Games (a slightly scary app that lets you do virtual surgeries!).

These programs are a great way to get some educational content in over the summer — especially on long road trips.

Here are some popular apps:

Typing Test

3D Solar System

GeoGebra Math App

Connected Mind – Mind Maps

– Study Stack

– Brain Pop

Sarah Forrest still uses a dumbphone, but is excited to explore the world of online apps! She works as a Reading Specialist for Morgan Learning’s Easyread System, an online course for visual-spatial learners struggling with reading and spelling. Find out more at