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Fact: Did you know that most authors outline their books visually before beginning to write them?

Through Easyread, we work with many visual learners who have headed down a guessing and sight-reading strategy with their reading rather than learning phonics. This has usually meant that despite early progress, their reading plateaus around age 7 or 8 and ability and confidence breaks down soon after.

However, we like to emphasize to these children that they are struggling with reading because of a gift they have. Most of them have a higher visual-spatial processing ability than the rest of us! This means they are good at remembering places they’ve been, or images, or picking out a pattern (i.e. puzzles). Our visual learners would certainly be good at finding creative ways to map a story outline.

henrymillerTake a look at how famous authors like J.K. Rowling and William Faulkner did it…

Sarah Forrest is a big fan of good fiction, as well as of the wonderful kids she has the privilege of working with in her role as an Easyread Reading Specialist. Easyread is an online course for children who need support for spelling or reading problems. Find out more at