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The star of the Lethal Weapon series has had many blockbuster hits in his time as a Hollywood A-list actor. And he has dyslexia, too.

Danny_Glover_2014Born and raised in San Francisco, Danny Glover struggled from a young age in school with his literacy. In an interview, he described the experience– and lack of support available — for a dyslexic child in the 1950s.

“In San Francisco in the ’50s there was no test for dyslexia. I don’t believe there was a real discussion about the idea of dyslexia and learning differences. I remember… in the seventh grade, because of my grades, the counselor made a comment to my mother that I was retarded. I think that people were naive at that time. I was tested in L.A. at a clinic later on in life and at that time I was diagnosed as dyslexic… By that time I had found different ways to manage my sense of… inadequacy. You celebrate those things that you’re good at, and you become better at those. I was always good with numbers, always good with math; history was something that I was attracted to, so there are ways you can manage.”

He trained as an actor at the American Conservatory Theater, and jumped head first into a long career as an actor and director. He has been an activist for many decades as well, speaking on issues ranging from politics, the environment… and even learning difficulties!

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