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I vividly remember watching The Three Lives of Thomasina over and over when I was a child. I recently read an article about the lead actress, Susan Hampshire, and found out that she was so dyslexic as a child that her mother set up an independent school to teach her!


Susan Hampshire was the youngest of four children, and from an early age her mother could tell that she learned differently. Anticipating that she wouldn’t thrive in a normal school environment, her mother established The Hampshire School, and taught not only Susan but several other local children as well. 

They did fine art and dancing every day, on top of more normal educational fare.

Susan wanted to become a nurse, but didn’t have the O Level in Latin that was required at the time. So she turned her sights to acting. And the rest is… etc.!

You can read more of her fascinating story here.

Sarah Forrest is a Reading Specialist for the Easyread System, a unique online home tutoring program that uses visual phonics to help dyslexics learn how to read.