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Famous Dyslexics: This CEO has dyslexia and ADHD… and doesn’t do any email!

by Sarah Forrest|| 18 May 2017

CEO Selim Bassoul runs Middleby Corp., a massive kitchen supply goods maker based in Illinois. He runs this massive operation without email, without constant staff meetings, and without reading any memos. And business is booming.

He credits his dyslexia and ADHD with forming his unique management style, one built around interpersonal interaction and big picture thinking. Details just aren’t his thing.

“Dyslexia has forced me to be quite conceptual, because I’m not good with detail. I think in general rather than in specific [terms]. That allows me to step back and take in the big picture rather than get bogged down in details. Because of my weaknesses and handicaps, I’ve learned other ways to accomplish the same goal at faster speed,” he told the Wall Street Journal recently.

 “As a dyslexic you have no choice but to rely on others for help with detail and tactical tasks. You become a great judge of character. You have to select the best team around you…. I want to be able to give hope to children or parents of children with dyslexia and ADHD that they can be successful,” he says.

You can read more of his inspiring story here: