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Famous Dyslexics: Shark Tank’s ‘Mr Wonderful’, Kevin O’Leary

by Sarah Forrest|| 27 July 2017

If you’re at all hooked on ABC’s hit reality investment show, Shark Tank, then you know about Mr Wonderful – aka Kevin O’Leary. Known for his hard bargaining and often sour demeanour, he leads the pack of sharks with an iron fist.


By Randstad Canada – Flickr, CC BY 2.0,

But you may not know that as a child, O’Leary struggled with reading and spelling.

Despite that, he graduated from university and business school, going on to become a multi-millionaire investor in other young entrepreneurs. Speaking to young dyslexics, he has said: “It shouldn’t in any way diminish your self-esteem or be considered something that is going to hurt your chances to be successful at work or in life.”

You can read part of his inspiring story here: