Ruby Wax is an American-born comedian who has built her career in the UK over the last four decades. She is perhaps best known for her comedic television show where she interviewed celebrities.

And she has dyslexia.

Wax was born and raised outside of Chicago. Her surname was originally spelled Wachs, but she later changed it to the shorter spelling. She went to university in California for one year before dropping out to move to England. She had her heart set on joining the Royal Shakespeare Company, which she achieved after studying acting at the Royal Scottish Academy in Glasgow.

However, that passion didn’t last long and she turned to television. She began as a comedy writer for several years before launching the show that made her famous…Ruby Wax Meets.

Wax’s own son has dyslexia, which led to her talking about her own struggles in various interviews over the last ten years.

She always performed poorly in school as a child, but compensated for it by developing a dizzying wit for which she is famous.

“I got Ds and Es and was punished and treated like an idiot. [But] I was a riot. I was really funny.”

In one interview, she intimated that part of her comedic persona was developed as a direct result of her reading difficulties.

“I was dyslexic, and would make up sentences and people would laugh. I wasn’t trying to be funny. I just chose the wrong words.”

In recent years, Wax has studied cognitive therapy at Oxford University and produced television documentaries about the reality of depression in the modern world, based on her own experience with it.
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