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Kindles, Nooks, and their kin are sweeping the nation. They are lightweight, simple to use and provide immediate access to millions of books. Many readers with dyslexia have also reported that due to the tinted background and letter spacing functionality, reading on an e-reader feels easier than reading standard printed text.

Amazon_Kindle_3Of course, one downside is that once you’ve spent money on your e-reader, you still need to spend more money to download books, right?


There are many websites that allow you to download titles at no cost. Zilch. Nada. And we’re not just talking about out-of-print editions either!

Take a look at this helpful article to find links to 25 places to get free online books:

Sarah Forrest is a Reading Specialist for Morgan Learning, publishers of the Easyread System. Easyread uses Guided Phonetic Reading techniques in an online course that can help a child to read who has reading problems, dyslexia, or needs support for spelling. find our more at