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The number of parents deciding to take their children out of mainstream schools and homeschool them is on the rise in the UK, according to the Guardian this week.


Marta Drew homeschooling her family. Photo taken from the Guardian website.

The article features one homeschool mum, Martha Drew, and her two teenage children, who she decided to teach at home after her son (aged 7 at the time) increasingly complained that “learning is boring”.

Eleanor Reardon, who has set up a legal advocacy service for home educators, speculates that there could be several reasons for the rise in homeschooling numbers.

The one that interests us the most is the statement that, “There has also been a huge rise in special educational needs cases which are not being catered for.”

As we see more and more UK parents using the Easyread System as part of their homeschooling curriculum, we want to know if un-addressed reading and spelling difficulties in school were the driving force to independently teach your child at home?

– Maddie