Over the past two years, we have been working on a big update to the Easyread System. We have now completed a major overhaul of the lessons.

What’s new for Easyread 2.0?

You can now find:

  • Much more detailed tracking of learners’ progress

reading zone speed

  • A more adaptive, interactive library system, replacing the previous daily reading activity

new library

  • A more consistent visual environment

paintball 1

  • Better support for different accents


  • An improved selection of games


As of November 2015, all new learners on the system will see the fully updated lessons, and we have been migrating existing users across for several months now; most users will already have been using the new lessons for some time.

As well as new activities for learners, we have added a new way for parents, teachers and tutors to keep track of a learner’s progress. The data we record during lessons is now fed directly into a series of graphs which can be viewed from within the admin zone of your account, making it easier to see a learner’s progress in reading and spelling.

The future

The current update should be a big improvement on the previous system, but there are further features we would like to add in the near future. Large parts of the new system do now work on iPads and other tablets, but we still need to spend some time over the coming months replacing the few remaining activities which require the Flash plugin (not generally available on mobile devices), and also to make sure that all our activities work well with a touchscreen interface.

While creating the new system we have taken on board a lot of user feedback, removing or modifying some of our less popular games and designing new activities which are hopefully a lot more adaptable, with a wider range of difficulty. However, since the new system has almost all been made using the same technology (HTML5), it will also be much easier in the future for us to modify the system based on user feedback.

Help us keep creating a programme that’s loved by all

If you have any feedback on what you do or don’t like about the lessons, please do let us know and we will endeavour to implement your suggestions in a future update!

– Matt, developer at Oxford Learning Solutions