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The government have been testing a check on the progress 6-year-olds have made with their phonic understanding.

We are in total support of the principle behind this test.  The sooner that a teacher/parent team sees that a child is heading down a sight-reading path (what we call Optilexia), the easier it is to guide the child back towards reading by decoding.

The tricky thing with early reading development is that a bright optilexic can seem to be doing better than a child learning to decode.  So this test will help shine a light on that sight-reading pattern.

I do have a concern about the figures on what the teachers think of the ease of use of this test.  But I am sure they can improve that between now and September.

Testing of young children should be kept to a minimum, but in this case the issue is too important to be ignored.  When the problem is only recognised at the age of 9 or 10 the difficulty of the situation for the child is much increased.

What do you think about this new phonics assessment?