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Hey, I am not just satisfied, I am stoked. There is absolutely no question that Easyread is the sole reason we have stopped marvelling at James’ complete lack of reading progress when he is great at everything else. We have covered I think 42 lessons over about 10 weeks, doing it daily except when away on holidays or sick. The first 5 weeks were pretty hard but he has grasped the decoding principle and now never guesses. He has gone up 4 levels at school in a single term on easyread vs 3 levels for the entire preceding 6 months. It is very obvious that he is visual, now. If I hadn’t found this website God knows where we would be now. The characters are so logical and the whole system so brilliantly geared to short-attention span kids I think the person who wrote it is a genius. I can’t think of anything I would improve, frankly!