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Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, Australia, faces calls to resign after dyslexia jibes made against a Labour Parliamentarian, The Guardian reports.

Adam Giles, Chief Minister, said of the future Labour government: “Let us hope the dyslexic member for Nightcliff is not the minister for education.”

Defending his comments at a later date, he says “Every time she puts a statement out for around the table it has spelling errors in it… I think that is a fair point.”

Giles did eventually apologise for what he said, after people like Kezia Purick, Northern Territory Speaker and former member of the governing Country Liberal Party demanded it. “Mr Giles I have a sister who has dyslexia so your comments are outrageous and on behalf of all people who have or love a person with dyslexia you should publicly apologise and, if not, resign.”

Undermining the status and work of another individual simply because they have not found the right help to improve their spelling is unacceptable.

Is an apology enough?