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My husband and I are seeing real improvements in Dan’s reading and writing. He attempts to read signs, packaging, texts all the time now. We went to Dubai for the weekend and Dan could read all the airport signs, water park signs, menus etc. This is the first we’ve ever travelled with him where he has attempted to do this. Before I don’t even know if Daniel noticed the words on signs, menus etc. I could see he felt good about this.

Over the holidays I’m going to encourage the reading of notices, signs etc. when we are out and about and I’m going to bake with him. Getting him to read recipe. Teaching him without him realising.

Also at school today Daniel came to my office to look for me (i am the school nurse). I was out of my room and had left a note to say I was at the front desk. Daniel came and found me, smiling because he knew where to find me as he read my note!!!!!

We are making positive steps now which pleases me. His writing is also legible nowadays but very phonetically written, often not spelt correctly. I know this will improve as the reading does. Thank you for the support 🙂

– C