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1) Dov finds the lessons easy and fun
2) The variety of games are nice
3)The only negative point is that we have sometimes problems if he is doing the game full-screen. Almost every time at one on another stage it froze and he has to go out of full screen to be able to finish the game. Since I am not very computer- litterate,I cannot help him.
4) He progressed a lot. His reading is amaizing, now he is able to read Barrington Stoke books for ages 8plus independently and just recently he started to read on his amazonkindle a “normal” book for his age, 1-2 pages a day.
5)His spelling is still very weak, but improving.
6)He is still enthusiastic and doing diligently Easyread every day.
7) He keeps forgetting his exercises to improve his eyes. But he takes omega 3 every day.

Thtat’s all I can think about.
Best regards