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1. The lessons are clearly aimed at the kids, the language, the pictures, the jokes.
2. The emails and videos which explain the next step are really helpful to ensure we are doing the lessons correctly.
3. The interviews help build a relationship between us and your staff, its nice to know someone is always on hand if i have a question.
4. After 6 weeks, the kids have become so much more confident in their own ability. I have seen a huge difference in their ability to blend sounds and track the words along a page. Reading easier text now sounds fluent.
5. The kids love the prizes. It really pushes them on. The letters they get with the back story of being in spy training makes learning fun and really catches their imagination.

The easyread lessons are very quick and easy to fit into even the busiest of days. The lessons are easy to follow for both parent and child, with guidance given at every step of the way and if you are ever unsure, the staff are always on hand to explain and are very helpful. The kids really enjoy the lessons and look forward to doing the games. We have tried so many different things to help the children improve their reading but saw little or no improvement, Easyread has improved their basic reading skills and increased their confidence in less than two months. I was initially hesitant to think that 15 minutes a day could make much of a difference to their reading ability but am really pleased with the progress made so far and would highly reccomend Easyread to anyone.