Before EasyRead Emily struggled to decode words and she was guessing a lot of words based on content and pictures more than I think she was actually reading. Half way thru 3rd grade she was still reading at the beginning of 1st grade level. She didn’t like to read and tried to avoid it as much as possible.

EasyRead has been a perfect fit for Emily. She likes the quick and short lessons. I have never seen any low experience. There are days when she doesn’t want to do it, because it is more fun to watch TV, ride her bike or play with friends. But once she is in front of the computer she does it with ease with a smile on her face.

Emily is now in 4th grade and are reading on 4th grade level. The last state test she took she scored above average for all 4th graders in our district. She still struggles with her spelling. Has a hard time to hear the sounds. But lately she loves to write. She can sit for hours and write stories. I hope that her spelling will improve as much as her reading did!