I, also, want to let you know that using Easyread has been such a positive experience for Jacob so far. He never objects to doing his lesson or the extra exercises asked of him. My family and I are thrilled to have found a program that certainly seems to be the answer. We all knew something wasn’t right for as much as I have worked with him. Even with an Elementary Education background (specializing in reading), I could not figure out what was blocking Jacob from being able to read. I had taught him so much phonemic awareness and was baffled as to why he could not use it to read. It was just never a natural process for him.

He is always ready to do what is asked of him with Easyread. I believe it is because of the positive manner in which Dave speaks, the personal letters/attention he receives, the engaging games/exercises, and he REALLY loves the prizes that come in the mail! He eagerly shows his friends and stores them in a special place. The final prize of an RC helicopter has him really thrilled. Flight is one of his passions!

One noticeable change in Jacob is that he is now often trying to read signs when we are out and about. He is decoding and really wants to figure out what the signs say. I am not pushing him to read at this time per your suggestion, but he sure is having fun decoding words here and there 🙂

He really loves to be read to and his comprehension is amazing! Homeschooling, over this past year, I eased off of insisting he try to read and write as it just was such a struggle (and I was realizing there was something blocking his ability to do so). I simply read the school material to him and then we discuss it. He usually takes it further on his own accord and makes something that relates to what we have read about. He is very creative! I believe these things have kept him academically sound while we wait for his reading and writing to “catch up.”

I know I have rambled on, but I just want you to know that Easyread has made a special 8 year old boy in the USA very happy! Even grandma mentioned that he seems happier lately. We are sure it is because of Easyread. He seems relieved to know that he’s not alone and that someone all the way from England is helping him read!

— M