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I feel that this course has been a great help to Jude and has definitely given him the confidence to approach any word of any size undaunted, even if he doesn’t always get it right. This has been a fascinating journey following his learning.

Jude started school very late as a 7 year old, and prior to this showed very little interest in reading. His lack of reading was soon apparent at school, but I wasn’t sure whether he was dyslexic or just behind his peer group. He only lasted a term and a half and since then we have been home-educating him. Having worked through this course, I can see that Jude doesn’t process words/letters easily (in comparison to his older sisters) and that a test would probably confirm him as dyslexic. However, having completed this course, I feel Jude has the basic building blocks and confidence (if not enthusiasm) to enable him to progress with his reading. Now, its a matter of regular practise.

This course has been great for us as home-educators, providing us with a structure and enjoyable tasks for Jude to complete ( the prizes have been a great motivator too, we liked your theme, and the fact they weren’t trashy).

Thank you, once again for your support.

– H