I also wanted to send through a bit of feedback. Hugo’s reading was tested today for the first time since starting Easyread (he commenced the trial in the last week of term, then had two weeks holiday). His teacher was a bit hesitant when I first spoke to her about starting your program, I think mostly because she was worried about overwhelming Hugo. Today I received the following message from her:

“Hi G,

You are definitely onto a winner! This afternoon I did a running record to test Hugo’s reading level.
WOW – totally different child
He went up 2 reading levels to LEVEL 9!! J
– So keen and willing to read me (even ignored an episode of the Magic School Bus that was playing in the background)
– Interacting and engaging with story as he read making connections –(the story was about a clever little dinosaur which he loved)
– Showed great comprehension (able to answer both literal and inferential questions)
– Developing fluency – not so much R-O-B-O-T reading and the more he read, the more he got into a more natural rhythm
– Using great strategies to read unknown words, sounding words out and he either got it or if not, was very close. Using his understanding of the story to make predictions. The word was ‘forest’. He sounded out f-o-r then used the picture to work out forest.
So proud of Hugo!!”

I think I can safely say that we won’t be asking for our money back! He has exceeded my expectation already. I can’t wait to see what he can do after 90 lessons!