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Daisy is getting on very well with Easyread she is decoding the text and has now stopped guessing words, she rereads the text at the end of the page and is very fluent. Daisy loves the mushroom picker game and has named the mushrooms Mr Grumpy face and Mrs Happy face. The codewords come at just the right time to keep her excited about reading and she loves taking her prizes to school to share her progress with her teacher and class.

Daisy has changed in her attitude to reading and is starting to read her first chapter books, she had stalled with her reading progress at the end of the reception year and is now zooming through the reading stages at school.

Thank you Easyread for helping Daisy find a love for reading and books again, it’s turned her back into the keen excited reader she was starting to become before she hit a brickwall. Easyread has helped decode the reading process for Daisy so it all makes sense again and she is happy to read again.

Thanks for making it all make sense for Daisy so she can love reading again.