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Thank you so much David for developing such a fantastic program that is accessible to people all over the world and is so effective.
I was an educator and taught grade one for 9 years. Then I had children and stayed home. I helped each of my own children to read . When Liam began preschool I was concerned with his inability to learn letters and numbers. I thought it would come with time and exposure to print as with my other kids. I even delayed his start in school to give him more time to grasp letters , sounds, etc. Then when he was in grade one I began to help intensively. I worked at home with him and used a variation of Marie Clay’s Early Intervention. I really like this program but he still wasn’t making much progress. I also was taking him to an eye specialist and we were doing eye tracking exercises and activities. By Christmas he had finally mastered the letters. We celebrated that milestone but it was only naming the letters. Finally near the end of his grade one year we found Easyread. I was on a website which was a compilation of strategies for children with dyslexia. I looked it up and thought it seemed better than anything else on line that I had found. I also didn’t want to pull him out of school to take him to “the reading foundation” because he was sorely lacking confidence. He was angry and did not adapt to new people or situations. I could see me spending a lot of money and not being able to get him to the program. Easyread being in the safe home environment was crucial to Liam. He was able to learn more in the relaxed environment.
So now he is reading!
I wanted to let you know that to no surprise he is a much happier boy now. He is gaining confidence and doesn’t have the angry blowups at school. He still has a ways to go with the self confidence but being able to read is so crucial.
Anyway, the layout, the succession of lessons, the prizes, the positive feedback, the positive non computer voice (yours!), the support just a phone call away is all absolutely brilliant. There is nothing out there that I have found that comes close. And I do tell everyone.
– C