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Joe is on about lesson 60 or so and today I found out from his teacher that he has gone up three levels in reading from Term 1, week 10 when his report came out to now Term 2, week 6 – so in only 6 weeks of school time but in 60 Easyread lessons (we started over the school holidays). He has shot up three whole levels. She was amazed at his progress.

I have to say his confidence and belief in himself in his reading and spelling ability is absolutely fabulous to see. He is not scared to read longer words and is no longer guessing. He is happy to take on much more complicated text. I am so thoroughly impressed and happy that we made the decision to start Easyread, i can almost see his brain being re-programmed daily.

He is still happy to do his Easyread every day, although being quite an imaginative boy he is finding the troll quite scary!