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Adam is doing really well. He is certainly more likely to have a go at working out how to read signs and instructions – something he was very keen to avoid at all costs earlier this year. He has had some tests at school and the teacher could see improvements from last year and said he was currently in the ‘not at risk’ catagory for literacy from their testing. This is obviously reassuring, but we feel it is largely due to the changes we have made since starting easyread. As parents, we are now much more informed about how he learns and therefore able to offer him the help that he needs, rather than more of the same; a frustrating way for all of us! The easyread website is still the only one we have found that makes sense for children like Adam. He is certainly less stresssed about reading now. We have easily built it into the start of our day and the short lessons make it much better for a child like Adam who would otherwise see it as a chore. He likes the characters and the jokes. So, in summary, all going well so far thank you!

– J