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……………….Amazing progress. The other online programs, imho, are junk food compared to Easyread. One thing that I think Easyread gets dead right: The bare bones graphics in the game are a terrific balance of just enough razzle dazzle with good chunk of learning. These days, if it doesn’t light up, flash, sing, dance, and dang near induce seizures… it’s boring and lame and etc… So… most of the educational games & apps are accommodating / feeding this demand. It’s 70% junk and 30% substance. Worse, when you put a piece of paper and a pencil in front of them, they act like they’re being tortured. The Easyread program is a PERFECT spoon full of sugar that makes the medicine go down, as opposed to the 48oz, artificially flavored & colored, high fructose corn syrup, tutti frutti unicorn nightmare that they others are by comparison. You have the perfect balance. I REALLY appreciate this. With so much understanding already of how video games and whatnot affect & interact with the dopamine/reward centers of the brain, I can’t thank you enough for not making us trade literacy for further tech addiction. You rock. Period.

It is important for us to know that you are satisfied with the system so far and how we have been supporting it.
………………………..10,000% and will recommend you every chance I get.

Please could you just review for me how you have found the system to date?

…………….I’m sitting here trying to think of something that I don’t like about the program and I just can’t…? The only thing remotely off-putting was the price (at first blush), but in fairness I was comparing you to the other programs we’d used (ABC Mouse, Starfall, Teach Your Monster to Read, etc…). You’re nothing like them. I think if his issues weren’t as mild as they are, I would be hugely thankful for the extra support that the full cost program offers.

The additional games that you have are also fantastic. He loves the driving game.

I’ve seen the stats for him that you provide, but I can’t really gauge what is a good score or not? I look at them out of curiosity, but mostly gauge his progress by how he does in the program. Plus, he likes to die or answer incorrectly ::huge eyeroll:: in the program for fun. Sooo… I’m not sure if the stats are very telling anyway?

The link to the video of the Koenigsegg (sp?) revving its engine in the Coolest Cars book in the library was a total WINNER! He watched it 3 times before I made him move along 🙂

For the first time EVER last week, he wrote some words in some coloring his was doing. Ok, he spelled ‘like’ as ‘lic’ — but he TRIED!!! At least he tried!!! Another day, he read the simple words on the refrigerator. He typically never tries to read… never. My heart runneth over. I LOVE you people <3 <3 <3


………………You’re kind of phonics-y, and yet you’re kind of not. I’m curious to see how all of this will help him learn to spell. Given the progress he’s made so far, I’m sure how ever you train spelling will work as wonderfully as how you train for spelling. It’s more a curiosity than a worry, but I’m wondering how the spelling part will work?

You will have seen that we like to collect testimonials and so I hope it would be OK to quote anything nice you have to say!

……………Yes, ok to quote anything.

Thanks for everything!!

Halyn & Steyr