We have seen amazing progress throughout the course of Easyread with C, and I can’t think of any other method which has shown us the progress we’ve seen in him in the four months he has homeschooled. As you know, we started C with Easyread on 22 October, and today is 31 May – we took him out of his private school on 30 January, and these four months have been completely fantastic in terms of his progress, and much of that progress is from Easyread, no doubt! He loves the games, he is challenged appropriately by the text, and I’m confident based on grade-level reading lists that he is reading at grade level instead of reading at mid-Kindergarten level or lower when we took him out of private school! I’m confident that C has learned decoding tools from Easyread’s methods, tools which he will be able to draw upon throughout his entire life as he is exposed to more advanced reading material. I’m much more confident that we can mitigate the challenges associated with his dyslexia in a better, more favorable way – favorable to his self-esteem and favorable to his overall learning progress. I feel like he is being challenged at this point by Easyread to really expand upon his reading ability – he’s reading and decoding (never truly guessing!) 10 and 12 letter words. This is amazing to us, to have seen him at the beginning of this dyslexia diagnosis in October and to see him read now. Slow, but steady! And not afraid.