Another amazing positive we have got from this is that he actually listens to me when we do this (He fights me every step of the way with his writing). He clicked green tonight before he said the word and I said ‘Noooo too quick, what was the word?’ He didn’t know. He felt terrible and wanted to go back, and that’s a real first for us on reading cockiness. He then handed me the mouse. Also, we did a repeat and he couldn’t read the word, he guessed and guessed. Now we are getting to the trickier levels he is really starting to realise he needs to get his brain in gear and try his absolute best.

I have also already noticed a small improvement in spelling. He is starting to try to think and ask rather than just throw down some letters like he did before. Honestly, this is massive for us, and I know it’s just the beginning of the process, but I am now so filled with hope that this will really help Harry with his whole process of getting words down on paper.