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I have seen a great improvement in Hunter’s confidence in reading through the Easyread programme. We are currently on lesson 50 and his teacher mentioned to me very recently that he had written a poem that she could read. Although the spelling was not completely accurate, she could decipher every single word, and that was a big achievement for Hunter. Hunter is feeling better about going into year 4 in September, knowing that slowly, but surely, his reading skills are improving by doing the daily Readeasy sessions on the computer. He really enjoys the games at the end, especially the one with the monster, and his decoding is coming along nicely. I am impressed with the programme and happy to have your expertise in helping my son, as the school had been unable to. My anxiety about any problems my son might have had in terms of his reading ability, have been put to rest. Just as you promised, things are improving and he is right on track!