We haven’t been part of the Easyread programme for several months, but I have some good news to share. Last night at the school prize giving Arlo won the most improved reader award for boys in year 8 (he’s 13) and a $100 book voucher!  Very exciting!

Arlo also had three movies in the DigiAwards recently and won best actor. That bit seems like it’s not relevant… but it actually is, because he writes a lot of his scripts. When we started the Easyread programme (I think he was 11) his writing was totally phonetic and almost nothing spelt correctly. What a massive change from then to now!

I know I’ve sent you so many thank you emails and messages, but I thought you’d like to know about those awards 🙂

Have a fabulous Christmas!


What an amazing end to the year for Arlo!

Arlo was actually our Breakthrough Reader for December last year. You can read all about his story here.