We would like to continue lessons for Jackson. As a Homeschool Mom, Easyread has been a Godsend for teaching Jackson how to read in a way that was fun for him and much less stressful for me as the homescho mom/teacher. He has gone from being essentially a non-reader 9 months ago to being able to read. Incredible.

I had purchased many programs trying to find one that would work for him and had 2 large stacks of beginner and simple Sightword flashcards (144 cards in each stack), I pulled them out the other day and he read the words in each stack in under 3 minutes per stack with just a couple of errors. And he never had to go through the drudgery of learning “Sightwords.” As a homeschooler he will take a required annual standardized achievement test in Feb/March 2020 and I can’t wait to see his reading improvement and forsee that he will now be on grade level (or at least very close to it!) for reading.

Thank you Easyread!