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Ben is a different little boy since starting the Easyread course. Before Easyread Ben got upset when you picked up a book for him to read and attempting to read was stressful for both Ben and me. Now he asks to read and checks if l I have another book to read when he gets towards the end of a book. He is now reading words like “laughed” with ease. Ben has hardly been stressed at all with the course and on the odd occasion when he has got upset I believe he was just tired after school, on repeating the lesson the next day he was fine. It was with some trepidation when I signed up for Easyread but from day one Easyread has met my expectations and just hope in the next 6 weeks I see as much improvement in Ben’s reading as in the first 6 weeks. One of the key areas of improvement is that he has stopped guessing what words were from the pictures on the page.
– Andrew